fredag den 26. august 2011

mandag den 22. august 2011

Beautiful is the sea

My photos. All rights reserved. 

Me and Mikaela (Framboise Fashion)! :)

fredag den 19. august 2011

Hanging out by the beach

My photos. All rights reserved. 

I hung out with the lovely Mikaela (Framboise Fashion) yesterday and today. We went to the beach yesterday and took some photos.  

onsdag den 17. august 2011


Photos by me. All rights reserved. 

Now, I'm going to drink a cup of hot chocolate that my mom just made while reading either the Vogue magazines I got in the US or Water for Elephants that I almost just started reading. 
So far I really like Water for Elephants. I haven't seen the movie yet but I want to as soon as I finish the book. 

Have a nice evening (: 

mandag den 15. august 2011

Black and white all over

Photos by me. All rights reserved.

I'm back from the US. I've had such a great summer and I love looking through my (many) pictures! Here are some from both Los Angeles and New York. 

I hope you've had a great summer as well.  

mandag den 8. august 2011

torsdag den 4. august 2011

Oh, I just love cupcakes

Photos by me. All rights reserved.

While we were in New York City me and my friend had to go to Magnolia Bakery to get cupcakes - of course! She got a chocolate one and I got a vanilla one - and they were absolutely delicious.