fredag den 21. oktober 2011

Cold weather and cupcakes

My photo. All rights reserved. 

Above is a photo taken by Mikaela (FramboiseFashion) this summer while the sun was shinning and it was still warm. Now it is clearly fall and soon winter but I am ready for the cold weather and the snow even as I just bought a new winter jacket a few days ago! 

My photos. All rights reserved. 

It was actually my birthday the other day and I had a great day with delicious food and awesome gifts. The day before my birthday I had some girls over and I made vanilla cupcakes!

I hope you are doing great,

5 kommentarer:

  1. You look so adorable and gorgeous! I love your top, the tribal patterns are amazing! Thank you so much for following me :)

    en la moda

  2. Love the tribal print on your shirt!!

    Would be a pleasure if you visit me on my blog too!

  3. The cupcakes look delicious and your outfit is pretty, great tee-shirt <3

  4. lovely cupcakes :)

  5. Hej Cille! Faldt lige over din blog, og hvor er den dog fin! Du tager nogle rigtig gode billeder. Kig hellere end gerne forbi min blog hvis det frister, det ville i hvert fald gøre mig glad!

    Knus Lucia